Why should I take my scrap metal to Supreme Metals?

Supreme Metals is a full-service recycling facility. We take EVERY type of metal and offer our customers the absolute highest payout. Our scales are NTEP approved and certified by Bucks County Weights and Measures.

What happens to the material I bring to Supreme Metals?

Our zero-landfill policy ensures that every pound of material that we process gets recycled. At our facility each metal is cleaned, separated and delivered to the appropriate mill for further processing into new materials.

How is recycling beneficial?

Recycling diverts material from landfills and reduces our need to mine new ore from the Earth. Recycling also saves energy; in fact, it takes about 20x more energy to produce new aluminum than it does to recycle it.

How much will I be paid for my metal?

Metal prices vary tremendously from a few pennies per pound to a few dollars per pound. At Supreme Metals we take the time to educate each customer and separate the different materials you have in order to maximize your payout.