• #1 Clean Copper Tubing: Copper pipe free of any paint, attachmentsCopper
  • #2 Copper: Lacquer coated, painted, solder etc
  • Light Copper: Roofing copper, sheets
  • Yellow Brass: Fittings, drain pipes, bullet shells (must be separate)
  • Red Brass: Cast valves, pump impellers
  • Aluminum/Copper Radiators: “Fins” from air conditioning units


  • #1 Bare Bright Wire: Clean stripped copper wirebarebright
  • #1 Insulated Wire: 14AWG or larger building wire
  • #2 Mixed Household Wire: Extension cords etc
  • Steel BX: Building wire incased in steel
  • Aluminum BX/MC: Building wire incased in aluminum
  • CAT5/6: Ethernet/communication
  • Harness Wire: Clean wiring harness from cars



  • Sheet Aluminum: Clean mixed aluminum sheet or sidingwheels
  • Cast Aluminum: Clean mixed castings
  • Extrusion: 100% clean, 6061 or 6063
  • Wheels: Cast aluminum wheels
  • Aluminum Beverage Cans: MUST BE SEPARATED
  • Insulated Aluminum Wire: Service Wire, ACSR
  • Irony Aluminum: Aluminum with iron/plastic attachments


Copper-Bearing Materials

  • Electric Motors: Copper-wound motorsmotors
  • Sealed Units: Compressor pumps from air conditioners
  • Starters/Alternators: From cars, trucks or heavy equipment
  • Transformers: Copper or aluminum wound



  • Clean Soft Lead: Lead pipe, joints from cast iron pipebatteries
  • Gun Range Lead: Recovered from a shooting range
  • Wheel Weights: Used to balance automotive wheels
  • Batteries: Lead/Acid batteries from cars, trucks, equipment



  • Light Iron: Appliances, carslightiron
  • Heavy Steel, Prepared: Heavy gauge steel shorter than 5’
  • Heavy Steel, Unprepared: At least one dimension over 5’
  • Stainless Steel: Non-magnetic 304 or 316 SS



  • Catalytic ConvertersCatalytic Converters
  • Carbide
  • Inconel
  • Hastealloy
  • Cupronickle
  • X-Ray Film